Freight forwarder

Freight forwarder

Wooden Pallets Two Way Pallets: Two-way pallets are ideal for safe transport and can be used for long-time storage. We have a variety in this section where our customers can select from two-way entry single deck, two-way entry reversible, two-way entry non-reversible, two ways entry reversible winged and non-reversible winged.

Four Way Pallets : This is an extended product of the two-way pallet. There are four divisions instead of two. It is used for smaller items more in quantity. It also serves as a better packing option where transport is not smooth. Extra pallets offer extra safety. We manufacture multiple pallets on specific demand of the clients.

Wing Slatted and Reversible Pallets: Plywood Boxes and Pallets: This is the heaviest and strongest wooden box in our range of products. This is specially designed to carry invaluable products under extreme weather conditions. They are very specific to shipping goods and ideal for long storage.


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